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Sume Republike Srpske

The Public Forestry Company of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was established by the Decision of the Government of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina No. 03-599 of June 8, 1992. ("Official Gazette of the Serbian People in BiH", No. 9/92) and was registered in accordance with the applicable regulations with the Basic Court in Banja Luka on 03.02.1993. and changes to the registration from 07.02.1997, 06.07.1998, 02.11.1999, 09.04.2001. and 09.05.2001. years. The change in the form of organization of the Public Enterprise into a capital company-joint stock company was made on the basis of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Forests ("Official Gazette of Republika Srpska", No. 53/05) and was registered with the Basic Court in Sokolac on September 26, 2005. . years. The full name of the Public Enterprise is: Public Forestry Company "Forests of Republika Srpska", The abbreviated name of the Public Company is: JPŠ "Sume Republike Srpske" a.d. Sokolac.
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