• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersColombia
  • Founded1959

Superintendencia de Notariado y Registro (SNR) (Colombia)

On December 28, 1959, President Alberto Lleras Camargo issues  Decree 3346 of 1959 , which gives adequate direction and rational order to the notary public service and registration, creating through Article 1 the National Superintendence of Notaries and Registration, as a dependency of the Ministry of Justice. In the year of 1962, Law 1 was issued, in which the Superintendency of Notaries and Registration was established as "Administrative Person".  Decree 1298, of the same year, approved its statutes as a new entity, as a public establishment, with legal status and its own assets.  By means of Decree 3172 of 1968 the Ministry of Justice was reorganized and it was regulated that the SNR functioned as an administrative unit attached to this state agency.  Decree 1347 of 1970 defines the entity as a public body. Subsequently, Decrees 2165 and 2563 are issued, in which the Board of Directors of the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry is abolished.  In this year, the Notarial and Registration Statutes, valid to date, are issued.  In 1974, the National Government issued Decree 577, the content of which states that the SNR is a body that has the legal nature and the functions indicated in decrees Laws 950, 1250, 1260, 1347, 2156, 2158, 2163 and 2165, all of 1970, Law 26 of 1973 and other legal provisions that the additions or reform. The Registry Offices are also established as dependencies of the Superintendency.  Through Decree 2158 of 1992, its operation and internal organization of the entity were restructured, continuing as a special administrative unit with legal status and autonomous assets, attached to the Ministry of Justice. In 1997, Decrees 1669, 1672 and 1668 were abolished that abolished the entities National Fund of Notaries, and Fund for Notaries' Provision and the SNR assumes its functions. Likewise, the internal structure is reorganized and dependencies of this body are suppressed and merged.  Within the framework of the State Modernization Policy, the National Government issues Decrees 0302 and 0303 of 2004 through which the structure and personnel plant is modified. In 2007, the National Government issued Decree 412, which restructures the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry, creating the Financial Department and reviving the Delegated Superintendencies for Registration and Notaries. With this regulation, the monitoring of public notarial services and registration of public instruments is strengthened and the entity's resources are rationalized. In 2011, the National Government issued Decree 2163 by which the structure of the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry is modified and the functions of its dependencies are determined and Decree No. 2164 of 2011 by which the modification of the staff of the Superintendency of Notaries and Registry. In Bogotá, DC on May 8, 2012. The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Esguerra, described the recently approved new Statute for the Registration of Public Instruments as "fundamental piece to guarantee the legal security of real estate property in Colombia." On October 1, Law No. 1579 of 2012 was approved, which issued the Statute for the Registration of Public Instruments. In 2014, the National Government issued decrees 2723, 2724 and 2725 of December 29, 2014, thus allowing restructuring of the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry.
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