• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Service Providers
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersLebanon
  • Founded1998

Sustainable Environmental Solutions (SES)

SES is a regional environmental & energy development company based in Beirut, committed to provide sustainable solutions & technologies that are up to par with the challenges facing our region. Philosophy SES is heavily involved in bridging the gap between the private & public sector by providing a platform for innovative environmental & energy projects. They understand that today’s valuable & limited natural resources will not be able to sustain their existence for future generation without a radical shift in their thinking & their way of life. Carbon management SES acts as a comprehensive project developer in the business of sourcing, developing and trading carbon emission reductions (CER) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). SES works with EcoSecurities, a leading company in the carbon business. Carbon neutrality Carbon Neutrality involves calculating a company's green house gases (GHG) footprint, measured in tones of CO2, and then offsetting it through the purchase of carbon credits. These credits are usually purchased in the form of Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs), where the money goes towards funding projects around the world that are verified by the United Nations to reduce CO2 emissions, and encourage new eco-friendly technologies. How we are helping offsetting the world’s emission of CO2 Companies and Individuals wishing to offset their GHG emissions, as part of their corporate Social Responsibility to support environmental friendly solutions, can do so via the purchasing of VERs (Verified Emission Reduction). The existences of such market for Voluntary Emission Reduction are the key factor behind the continuation of eco-friendly projects around the world. The purchasing of these VERs is calculated according to VER standard. Carbon trading SES and EcoSecurities work with companies in developing and industrialized countries to create and purchase emission reductions from projects that reduce GHG. They are involved in every step of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project development’s life cycle, from planning, to distribution of CER. What SES can do for you: They assess the commercial feasibility of using your existing assets to create certified emission reductions They develop and guide the project through the entire CDM project cycle They buy the carbon credits through an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA)
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Company Offices

  • Lebanon (headquarters)
  • Beirut
  • AXA ME Building, Clemenceau P.O. Box 11-4455 Riad El-Solh 1107 2160 Beirut- Lebanon