• Organization TypeAssociation
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersSwitzerland
  • Founded2015

TARCO Association

TARCO Association is a philanthropic organization, their goal is to promote Meritocracy and Social Mobility. They aim to do this by providing tailor made educational programs to develop all forms of intelligence in gifted children from disadvantaged areas. They want to achieve a clear objective of efficiency in their project, they do not define their organisation as non-profit "per se" because they regard their objective as the creation of real value for society as a whole. They prefer to use the term charity since they want to promote voluntary association and the principle of charity. In this context, they would like to create an organisation in line with their vision and mission by: -Promoting social-mobility -Set up the foundation for future economic opportunities -Strengthening capacity for self-sufficiency -Influencing policy decisions at all level to promote prosperity and justice -Speak with authority as a result of empirical research and analysis TARCO Association will apply the following guidelines: -Establish a system of idea meritocracy -Focus on disadvantaged comunities with a desire for development -Have a high impact to low resource allocation policy -Ensure the self-sustainable nature of the organisation -Promote high moral standards within the community -Create a long term structural change in society as a whole At TARCO Association they are result oriented. They want to tackle social problems with pragmatic solutions, focusing first and foremost on results while keeping in mind adequate means to achieve these goals. TARCO Association  -Is based on Meritocracy: They do not help people who have self-inflicted problems. They help people who try to help themselves by encouraging them. -Aims to achieve a high impact / low resource action: Instead of focusing on symptoms, they are tackling the root causes of the problem. Approach Who They Help Many are the problems resulting from too many gifted children not being recognised on time, such as dropouts, depression, bullying, waste of potential. TARCO Association focuses on identifying gifted children in Mexico coming from disadvantaged areas at a young age and give them the opportunity to develop their own merits. By living a fulfilled life closer to their maximum potential, they can become themselves a positive force in society. It is a hard question to ask since many people are in need. By selecting a particular problem, condition or population every action is implicitly discriminating - this can create a moral dilemma. They have to start somewhere; that is why they chose to consider a project with the highest impact for change and potentially allowing to tackle and increasingly number of problems – consequently creating a virtuous cycle. The program starts in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, which is an area with great disparities between the rich and the poor, that have resulted in an increase in violence among those excluded from society. TARCO Association aims to provide gifted children better opportunities in life.
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