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  • Founded1990

TASK Co., Ltd

Mission Collecting accumulated knowledge and skills through agriculture and food Contribute to the development of local communities Credo (What they keep in mind)   Although satisfying the needs of the client who places the highest priority on customer satisfaction is the primary customer satisfaction, they will provide services that can meet the needs of the people who are involved in the business and those involved in the business. They believe and draw out the potential of all those involved. Through our business, they are staffs of local central and local public institutions, farmers and their families, distributors of machines and materials, middlemen, processors, distributors and consumers. I am involved with various stakeholders such as financial institutions. The aim is to create a state where these stakeholders can make better use of their abilities to improve society and life. In order to provide a higher quality service that enhances the individual ability and enhances the collective strength of the organization, it always grows by increasing its own knowledge, technical skills, and experience. These individuals gather to enhance the overall strength of the organization.  Create innovative ideas and contribute to society by creating new ideas, bringing them together, and taking on challenges without being bound by the existing business and business frameworks that challenge them. Aiming to be an organization where employees can share and realize their dreams and goals by utilizing company resources (employee's knowledge, technology and experience, human network) that aim to create an organization where all employees can share and realize their dreams. Through these activities, employees and the company will grow together.  
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Company Offices

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  • 156-0043 2-42-9 Matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Meiling N Building 501