• Organization TypeFoundation
  • Founded2007

Taso Foundation (TF)

About TASO Foundation (TF) is the national women’s fund transformed from the Women's Program of Open Society Georgia Foundation (1998-2006). Since yearly 2007 TF operates independently with the mission Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment for Human Rights, Equality, Social Justice and Peace in Georgia. It is important to be mentioned, Taso Foundation supported multiplying and sustaining the impact of OSGF, as it continued the mission of the Geonder program and supported establishment of many women’s organizations, basically in the regions of Georgia. Since it was founded, Taso Foundation has awarded 375 grants. During 20 years together with the work of the Gender Program of OSGF and Taso Foundation various working directions, grant—giving, operational and mixed programs were developed which serves to development of women;s movement, quality of women’s life, support od women’s civic activism and improvement of women’s rights condition. Taso Foundation, as the part of women’s movement of Georgia and its supporter is involved in the work aimed at the creation of peaceful and just environmet, where each woman will be entitled for a free choice and self-realization and will experience her rights and freedoms without hindrance.   Mission Women´s empowerment for human rights, equality, social justice and peace in Georgia.   Vision In order to impel the activism of women isolated from public domain, it is necessary to merge works aiming at overcoming poverty with programs for the empowerment of women for social activism. Steady and continuous work for the involvement of population in democracy development has to be based on cooperation between experienced NGOs/experts and community based women.
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