• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2012

TB Proof

What is TBProof? Since its inception in 2012, TB Proof has becaome a leading TB advocacy organisation in South Africa. Many of TB Proof's core members are healthcare workers who developed occupational TB. The organisation has a particular focus on advocating for the implementation of evidence-based TB infection control measures in healthcare facilities. Mission statement:  TB Proof has three main goals:  - To "TB Proof' colleagues, students, patients and members of the general public by creating greater awareness of and protection against occupational, hospital-acquired and community-based TB transmission through education and activism.  - To de-stigmatise all forms of TB and to draw particular attention to drug resistant (DR TB) and occupational TB by collecting and disseminating proof of an alarming rise in occupational TB cases.  - To mobilise local, national and global resources through advocacy to help address shortcomings in prevention and treatment strategies, not only for healthcare workers, but more importantly the population they serve.  TB Proof’s long-term vision is to be a diverse TB advocacy organization that provides platforms where TB affected communities can contribute to improving TB prevention and quality of care. TB Proof’s goals are to: 1. Build advocacy capacity among people affected by TB and facilitate advocacy opportunities 2. Mobilize resources for TB prevention through community activism, education and collaboration with national and global partners. 3. Reduce TB stigma by encouraging people affected by TB to share their experiences. 4. Advocate for healthcare environments where health workers and communities are not at risk of being exposed to TB. TB Proof Core Activities 1. Care for the Carer  Reducing TB risk for health workers and improving their access to care  Focus areas:  - Infection control  - Treatment as prevention (treating active disease more rapidly and latent infection before disease can develop)  - Vaccine development  2. Unmasking Stigma  #UnmaskStigma is a global campaign to destigmatise TB. Stigma remains a major barrier to accessing and completing care.    3. Addressing TB as a global health emergency  - Mobilising resources  - Accelerating research and development  - Increasing access to new drugs and diagnostics  - Improving models of care  4. Bringing hope: There is life after TB  Emphasising that there is life after TB and that all people with TB are worth investing in. Developing TB champion networks to provide support and mentorship.
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