• Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersAlbania
  • Founded2002
Tec.Consult Ltd, was established on November 11th, 2002, with the aim offering in the local market, Consulting and Technical Assistance Services. Since its constitution, Tec.Consult, was supported by the involvement of a high local and technical experienced staff, assembling in such way these experiences in a successful implementation of different undertaken projects. Tec.Consult Ltd, has already quite a considerable and wide experience on Civil Engineering, Supervision and Consulting. Through a long collaboration with the Spanish Consulting Company Grusamar Ingineria Y Consulting S.L., one of the top five companies in Spain in Quality Control, Supervision and Management of the Projects, part of the ELSAMEX S.A. Group, Tec.Consult Ltd, was supported in adaption of the latest designing and supervision technologies and methodologies. Nowadays, Tec.Consult Ltd is formed by a permanent staff of ten professionals, some of them with more than twenty years experience in Civil Engineering field, and a part time staff activated in different projects stage, such as geologists, topographers, and supervision resident engineers, number of which vary from 8-12 persons per year. Due to actual development on infrastructures, Tec.Consult Ltd counts on new technology that allows the speeding up the production improves team work and make the management of contracts easier. With the equipment at the forefront of technology: specific software for design, calculus, geotechnical, signalization, computers system of last generation, high capacity data net, etc.. Regarding the external software, it has license for the main programs of engineering fields. We believe that the management of know-how is an essential asset of our company.

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Company Offices
  • Albania (headquarters)
  • Tirane
  • Rr. Him Kolli, Pallati Agolli Apartamenti 6/4, Tirane, Shqiperi