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TEI is an engineering company that has been operating in the environmental field for almost half a century, providing highly specialized consulting and engineering services. TEI is part of the history of Italian engineering. Has a DNA developed over time, which allows you to better express the ability to respond with effective solutions to the needs of environmental issues. TEI offers integrated skills, which allow to meet the needs of private and public customers, by identifying innovative solutions. They propose themslebes as reference consultants for those who must face engineering challenges in the environmental field and must identify technologically advanced and innovative solutions. Vision The pillars on which the entrepreneurial vision of TEI is based are three : sustainable development , the creation of value through interdisciplinary work , innovation . -Sustainable development In 1971, when TEI was founded, the protection and protection of the environment were issues that only the most advanced and industrialized countries could afford. Today the situation has totally changed and there is the general awareness that a higher quality of life necessarily passes through a sustainable development compatible with a better environment, which they want to leave as a legacy to our children.  TEI has anticipated over 15 years the guidelines of the World Commission on Environment and Development, which in 1987 launched the concept of sustainable development. In making sustainable development the flag of its activity since 1971, TEI has made an important work of stimulation and direction. -Interdisciplinarity At the time when TEI was founded, the free profession in Italy was mainly exercised by freelance engineers or associated studios. This is due to a law of 1939 which prohibited the exercise of professional activities in a corporate form. The law was only amended in 1994.  But the theme of environmental protection is strongly interdisciplinary. It requires skills not only in various fields of engineering, but also in physics, chemistry, biology, geology. So, from the very beginning of its activity, TEI has been structured as a company and has set up a strongly intersectoral working group, which contains the skills necessary to deal with the environmental issue. -Innovation Innovation is the basis of the success of a modern engineering company. Nothing in fact is as fatal as to be content with repeating traditional patterns and patterns, without improving them, modifying them and updating them continuously. TEI has focused on sustainable development and its impact on the world of work years and years in advance, has challenged the legislation that in the '70s did not recognize the engineering companies, and with the same spirit offers its customers production processes and solutions reliable techniques but increasingly effective in terms of performance and quality, taking advantage of the best technology currently available, and works to keep costs as low as possible. These guidelines are particularly important in the renewable energy sector, where the inevitable reduction of incentives will make technological progress decisive and cost reduction.

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