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Formerly DPK Consulting, they are now proud to be part of the International Development Services Group of Tetra Tech, Inc., based in Pasadena, California. A publicly traded company that meets the highest standards of technical excellence and financial controls, Tetra Tech provides technical, management, and advisory services to help developing and transitioning societies navigate the challenges they face. They work around the world to help establish and strengthen productive relationships between state and society and develop sustainable government and justice systems that are responsive, transparent, accountable, fair, and efficient. Their mission is to foster good governance and the rule of law as basic qualities of successful democratic societies and market economies. They help institutions plan, manage, and implement constructive change to: Operate under transparent rules that safeguard rights of individuals, stimulate economic growth, and guard against unethical or corrupt practices; Promote stability and the rule of law; Provide fair and timely access to justice; Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services to the public; and Increase opportunities for citizens to participate in the political and economic decisions that affect their lives. Their work advances American interests in numerous ways. Increasing stability and reducing conflict not only decreases the risks of attacks on American interests and institutions, but also reduces the drivers of migration. On the investment side, the stronger the rule of law, the more confident American and other investors are and therefore the more likely they are to invest in developing economies. This investment not only boosts American companies’ bottom line and creates jobs, but it also improves economic indicators in the developing and post-conflict countries where they do their work - and this in turn increases stability. Investing in developing economies is therefore a virtuous circle, doing good for nations and individuals overseas while advancing their own interests.

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    • 18 de Septiembre 213 y 6 de Diciembre, Oficina 71
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    Primary sectors

    Judicial Reform
    Vocational Training / Workforce Development
    Capacity Building
    Monitoring / Evaluation
    Procurement Process
    Facilities / Infrastructure
    Architecture / Design
    Planning / Policies / Institutions
    Software / Web Design
    Reproductive Health