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TETRAGON: PRODUCTION OF ADHESIVES ADHESIVES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF PAPER TUBES AND CORES Paper tubes and cores are produced by folding and gluing a number of plies of paper or cardboard. Winding may be spiral, parallel or conic. The tubes may be made of two up to thirty plies of paper. Compressive strength of the tubes depends on the quality of paper, but also partially on the type of adhesive. Compressive strength is measured after the tube is completely dried. Depending on the purpose of tubes, as well as on the speed of the machine, different types of adhesives may be used. For transport cardboard tubes dextrin adhesive is customarily used, while for high-speed machines and in producing thin-walled paper tubes, polyvinyl acetate adhesives are recommended. Adhesive may be applied by cascade, rolls, immersion and nozzles. ADHESIVES FOR CARDBOARD BOXES PRODUCTION Assembling cardboard boxes is performed by gluing machines. Adhesive application can be contact (disc, rolls, segmented), or contactless (nozzle). When it comes to the very process of adhesion, they have bonding of cardboards, printed or not, bonding of lacquered surfaces (dispersion, or UV cross-linking lacquer), as well as bonding of surfaces laminated with PE, or PP film. GRAPHIC AND BOOK BINDING PRINT FILM LAMINATION ADHESIVES LAMINATING ADHESIVES BOOK BINDING ADHESIVES ADHESIVES FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HYGIENIC PAPER Hygienic paper includes various kinds of toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins and handkerchiefs. The process of producing these items involves use of a number of different adhesives varying in their intended use, chemical composition, and other characteristics. These include adhesives for lamination, as well as those for gluing the first layer to the core, the last layer to the rolls and wrapping. ADHESIVES FOR PAPER BAGS AND INDUSTRIAL SACKS Paper bags are proved to be irreplaceable in many areas of packaging practice. Different dimensions of shapes and colours can appear. They can be made using rollers or in a more modern version using nozzles. Expansion in the construction industry, made necessity for the industry of paper bags and paper bags with a plastic interlayer for packaging of powdered materials to grow as well. Tetragon can offer a full range of adhesives for the production of industrial bags and bags for commercial packaging for various machines and various substrates. LABELLING ADHESIVES Labelling is highly complex process in terms of the technology used. Thus the labelling adhesive needs to meet multiple demands related to: Different types of labelling machines, Different types of material to which labels are attached (glass, coated glass, PET, etc.) as well as different types of material used in producing labels Different conditions of gluing (dry, wet, cold and warm), Washing conditions Additional requirements are related to resistance to condensed water, and iced water. ADHESIVES FOR ENVELOPES There are three types of adhesives used in making envelopes: Front flap remoistening adhesives which enables permanent closing, once an envelope is full Adhesives for side and bottom seaming of an envelope Adhesives for applying PP or polystyrene foil “windows” They produce several types of remoistening adhesives for envelope’s front flap. These adhesives are easily remoistened once an envelope is full, thus becoming sticky (so-called remoistening gumming adhesives). These remoistening gumming adhesives can be 100% dextrin based, mixed dextrin and synthetic or 100% synthetic based. Permanent closing of envelopes may be performed manually or by a machine. Adhesives for side and bottom seaming can also be dextrin or synthetic based, they could be applied by roller or by nozzle and for these adhesives initial drying speed and film elasticity are highly important. Polystyrene and PP films are usually used for envelope windows, while adhesives based on copolymer dispersions are used for their bonding. FOAM ADHESIVES In the last few years solvent based foam adhesives has been abandoned in the production of mattresses and pillows. New aqueous dispersions based on polychloroprene have been developed and successfully changed the previous gluing system. Adhesives for polyurethane foams produced by Tetragon doo are exclusively based on water. Depending on the application method and the materials to be joined, there are different types of adhesives. All of them have good initial tack, and make solid and flexible joints. ADHESIVES FOR WOOD TETRAGON sells adhesives for different kind of wood, produced by well-known Italian manufacturer.
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