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The A project envisions a society where sexuality and mental health are reclaimed by women and gender non-conforming people, cared for, respected, recognized in their diversities, and not utilized against them. The A project aims to create platforms that reaffirm agency and autonomy in sexuality and mental health, while advancing, through practice and theory, a political discourse around sexual, reproductive, and mental health and seeking alternatives to counteract medical patriarchy's restrictive and reductive approaches towards all bodies, especially those of women and gender non-conforming people in Lebanon. In its early phase the A project commits to the following activities: The sexuality hotline The A project believes people of all ages should be able to access information and services for sexual and reproductive health. The sexuality hotline provides information on various topics related to sexual and reproductive health, abortion, HIV, contraceptive choices, sexual orientations, gender identities, violence, safety and pleasure. They invite women and trans* persons with questions to call (or email) regarding sexual and reproductive health or more broadly a topic related to sexuality and gender. Everyone’s welcome, no matter what age, gender, sexual identity, or disability. Solidarity groups  Solidarity Groups based on their callers’ requests and needs, so that people of similar questions and struggles can meet and process the issues they’re facing. The aim is to give callers the opportunities to discuss their concerns among others who have the same concerns, and learn from or simply support one other. Outreach and training Community involvement workshops discuss reproductive and sexual health and rights (SRHR). This outreach takes place primarily among communities that receive the least attention and resources and simultaneously suffer the most injustices in SRHR; refugee communities, displaced citizens, and migrant communities.They are also open to offering workshops to organizations and academic institutions who approach them. They also host reading retreats on politics of sexuality, mental health, and reproductive justice - 3 times a year - so stay tuned for when one comes up on their social media. Multi-media and research Producing sex-positive multimedia and documentation are cornerstones of theAproject. Documentation of narratives, with consent, will help contribute to the body of research on sexuality in Lebanon. Their podcast, Fasleh, hosts numerous topics and issues around body politics, sexuality and gender.

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