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The Billions Institute

About The Billions Institute creates transformational learning experiences for busy social change agents. When it comes to large-scale change, the Billion Institute defines success as orchestrating the loss of control of thousands of people you’ll probably never meet moving in generally the desired direction.They call this kind of success “unleashing.” and it forms the core of our approach. Contrary to most management approaches oriented around systems of control, the Model for Unleashing aspires to create a contagious context of liberation. But it’s not a loosey-goosey “let 1,000 flowers bloom:” rather, the Billion Institute will teach you how to create the structures and conditions that make it possible for unleashing will occur. Values A set of core operating values underlies everything they do at the Billions Institute. The Billion Institute believes that how they work, day in and day out, is highly predictive of success or failure. Specifically, they are committed to: - Grounding our work out in the world and our ways of being with one another in racial and social justice. - Staying curious, listening humbly to one another and learning from every interaction. - Bringing our fullest best selves to the work and embodying authenticity. - Acting with generosity and care with one another, our customers and the community. - Redistributing our profits for the well-being of our employees and to advance justice. - Achieving work-life balance. - Continuously improving our offerings to be of the most service to the people who are leading large-scale change.
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