• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff251-500
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2003

The Borgen Project

In 1999, while working as a young volunteer in refugee camps during the Kosovo War and genocide, Clint Borgen recognized the need for an organization that could focus U.S. political attention on extreme poverty. In 2003, after graduating from Washington State University and interning at the United Nations, Borgen began developing the organization. In need of startup funding, Borgen took a job living on a fishing vessel docked in Dutch Harbor, Alaska (the same location as “The Deadliest Catch”). From humble beginnings in one of the most remote regions of the world, The Borgen Project was born. One man with a laptop and a budget that came from his Alaska paychecks has evolved into a national campaign with volunteers operating in 405 U.S. cities. In a Nutshell: They fight extreme poverty. Mission Statement: The Borgen Project believes that leaders of the most powerful nation on earth should be doing more to address global poverty. They’re the innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. FOCUS OF ADVOCACY: - Global Food Security - Food Aid Reform - Newborn, Child and Mother Survival - Access to Clean Water, Sanitation and Power METHODOLOGY From ending segregation to providing women with the right to vote, nearly every wrong ever righted in history was achieved through advocacy. The Borgen Project addresses the big picture. They operate at the political level advancing policies and programs that improve living conditions for those living on less than $1 per day. HOW THEY OPERATE Advocate: They meet with U.S. Congressional leaders to secure support for crucial poverty-reducing legislation. Mobilize: They mobilize people across the globe behind efforts to make poverty a political priority. Educate: They teach basic advocacy skills that allow citizens to communicate with their government. Issue Message: They build awareness of global issues and innovations in poverty-reduction through their online and community presence.
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Staff at The Borgen Project have experience in


  • research & development
  • tertiary education
  • anti-poverty / social justice
  • development
  • writing / journalism


  • china
  • brazil
  • georgia
  • nepal
  • united states


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • experience in recruitment
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Seattle
  • 4818 14th Ave NW, Suite 7
  • Washington WA 98107