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The Cansbridge Fellowship

The Cansbridge Fellowship program is made up of three parts - the Silicon Valley Experience, the Asia Summer Internship, and the Cansbridge Network. Read on to learn more about what you’ll do as a Cansbridge Fellow.   Silicon Valley Experience The Fellowship kicks off with a one-week experience in the Bay Area. The program for the week is unique each year. In the past, Fellows have worked on new business ideas, visited companies (eg. Lyft, Airbnb, Tesla, LinkedIn, and many more), toured the Stanford campus, and enjoyed meditation lessons with a practicing monk. Fellows stay in a “hacker house” in San Francisco and spend the week building close relationships with their cohort. The week concludes with the Cansbridge Fellowship Conference (CFC). Past fellows, sponsors, and industry professionals are invited to participate in this enriching weekend. The conference includes a pitch competition by the new cohort, the opportunity to learn from each other through networking and workshops, and social activities including a gala. This conference is what brings the Fellows together and fosters our community.   Asia Internship Following the Silicon Valley Experience, fellows fly out to their self-organized internships in Asia. Fellows go abroad to push them out of their comfort zones, accelerate their personal growth, and show them the possibilities that exist outside of Canada. Fellows have worked in Tokyo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangalore, Jakarta, and more! Each fellow is awarded with a $6,000 scholarship for their internship. Fellows are expected to find these internships on their own but are supported by previous fellows and mentors. All past fellows have successfully found internships in Asia and are always willing to provide advice.   The Cansbridge Network The ultimate goal of The Cansbridge Fellowship is to build a supportive network of high-reaching, like-minded individuals who come from a variety of backgrounds. Each fellow has a unique story to tell rooted in deep impact and passion behind the initiatives and causes they pursued and continue to strive for. They can be found across the globe as entrepreneurs, academics, innovators and industry leaders. They work at top companies (Microsoft, Google, and more), run their own startups (Mosaic, Parsehub, One Species, and more), or pursuing their wildest ambitions. In addition to the Cansbridge Fellowship Conference, our fellows organise local meetups within cities in North America and as well as cities all over the world. Through these interactions, genuine social relationships are developed through their unified desire to be leaders of their industry and ambitions to push boundaries in their field. These relationships not only help strengthen their network but also help to push and inspire them along in their professional journey.
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