• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2016

The Change Org Foundation

About Us   The Change.org Foundation empowers people to leverage technology and build social movements that create transformational change. Aim The Change.org Foundation aims to incubate and accelerate citizen-led, technology-driven social movements on critical issues.  The Foundation leverages the Change.org Inc online platform, and combines it with in-country campaigning, communications and capacity-building. They currently work with teams across Asia and Latin America. Approach   Using technology to build citizen-led social movements, they create transformational change on a regional, national and international level. Building movements They believe sustainable, positive social change can only occur when citizens are empowered to raise their voices. The Foundation supports people, many with direct experience of the injustice and inequality, to lead campaigns tackling issues affecting their countries and communities. Learning and data Their learning work seeks to understand how technology driven, citizen-led campaigning is changing political and social landscapes.  They are working to understand how people directly affected by issues become campaign leaders and how communities incubate social movements. Digital campaigning In Asia and Latin America, Change.org is the largest online open campaigning platform. They support Change.org users and campaigns with in-country expertise, engaging millions of people in campaigns that change national narratives. Campaigns are started on any issue, from local efforts to install safe street lights to international cooperation to end violence against women. Through their work, people are able to take action, support campaigns and make change happen.
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