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  • Founded1996
The Children's Heart Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that funds the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of congenital heart defects. The goal of the foundation is to fund the most promising research to advance the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of congenital heart defects in children. It was founded in 1996 by Betsy Peterson, who recognized the need for an organization whose sole purpose is to fund this type of research after her 8-year-old son, Sam, died from multiple organ failure brought upon by a sudden heart related collapse. A congenital heart defect (CHD) is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels of a newborn. Most heart defects either obstruct blood flow in the heart or vessels near it or cause blood to flow through the heart in an abnormal pattern, although other defects affecting heart rhythm such as long QT syndrome can also occur. Heart defects are among the most common birth defects and congenital birth defects are the leading cause of birth defect-related deaths.  As of 2007, The Children’s Heart Foundation has joined forces with the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) and the Congenital Heart Information Network (CHIN) to form the National Congenital Heart Coalition. What has CHF done to help the CHD community? -The Children’s Heart Foundation is the leading national organization that was created to exclusively fund congenital heart defect research. -The Children’s Heart Foundation has funded over $9.6 million to basic science, translational and clinical CHD research projects at leading research centers across the US, Canada and Europe. -CHF has published and distributed 35,000 English and 3,000 Spanish copies of It’s My Heart, a patient and parent resource book. -CHF has Chapters, events and volunteers in many US states supporting the CHF mission locally.

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