The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS)

The Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) is a higher education and academic research institute, established in 1977 to promote scholarship and learning about Muslim cultures and societies. Our research and higher education programmes are not confined to the theological and religious heritage of Islam; rather, they seek to explore the relationship of religious ideas to broader dimensions of society and culture. In addition to a civilisational approach to the study of Islam, we encourage a multiplicity of approaches, disciplines, expressions and interpretations. IIS aims to contribute to the academic study of the diversity of Islam as a faith and as a civilisation, by addressing intellectual and practical issues both historically and in the present context. In the context of Muslim societies, the Institute’s programmes are informed by the full range and diversity of cultures in which Islam is practised today. Particular attention is also given to issues of modernity that arise as Muslims seek to relate their heritage to contemporary circumstances. Building on the strength of its established research and publications programmes, and its manuscript collections, the IIS has a reputation as a leading reference point for Ismaili studies, and is  increasingly becoming a pioneer for scholarship in Shi‘i and Quranic studies.
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