• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO

The Lost Food Project

Exciting things are happening in Malaysia. In such a short time, The Lost Food Project (TLFP) has grown from a handful of volunteers collecting boxes of surplus groceries to an established operation, providing thousands upon thousands of vulnerable persons with nutritious food and addressing needless waste in the food industry. The idea to rescue “lost food” in Malaysia came about in 2015. So many supermarkets and manufacturers were needlessly sending good food to landfill; meanwhile charities were spending what little they had to buy food or seek sponsorship for food to feed the vulnerable.  The opportunity was there to make a big impact: in February 2016, TLFP signed the first surplus food donation supermarket contract with GIANT. Now is a unique opportunity to bring about change within Malaysia and address the devastating environmental consequences of food overproduction and waste.
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