• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersIsrael
  • Founded1996

The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow

The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow is a social movement on the party and outside the parliamentary system, whose goal is to influence the public agenda, with the intention of bringing about a comprehensive change of Israeli society and its various institutions. The initiative to establish the movement came from second and third generation men and women of the Jews of Arab and Eastern countries. They come from all parts of the country and represent different levels of Israeli society. The active nucleus of the movement includes academics, workers, businessmen, clerks, teachers, artists and intellectuals, community activists, students, social and cultural organizations, residents of towns, townships, and neighborhoods The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow was founded in March 1996 by 40 women and men. In December 1996, following a series of discussions, the movement was formally established by 100 members, who constituted the Constituent Assembly. Since then, this body has expanded and it functions as the council of the movement, in which the fundamental decisions binding the movement are made. At the founding conference, the secretariat of the movement, which operates under the decisions of the movement's council, was appointed. In addition, the Committee of the Spokespersons and the Audit Committee was elected. All officials were elected in secret elections and committed to equal representation of women and men in all elected institutions of the movement. It was decided that the elections for all institutions of the movement would be held once a year. The Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow has set itself many goals in all areas of Israeli society. It holds a critical position on existing economic, land and housing, education and cultural arrangements, with the aim of identifying structural elements that undermine the values ​​of justice, equality and democracy. The Rainbow works to expose formal and informal processes and mechanisms that are responsible for economic damage to Mizrahim and other populations, perpetuating the economic gap and cultural oppression of Mizrahim in Israel. The spectrum works to eliminate prejudices and uproot stereotypes that guide the educational and cultural institutions of the state, and the perceptions of the cultural elites in their attitude toward Mizrahi and Mizrahi culture. The Keshet operates out of the belief that acceptance of these social anomalies severely undermines the ability of all Israeli citizens to realize themselves and undermines the stability of Israeli society.  
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