• Organization TypeGovernment, Foundation
  • Founded1996

The Research and Innovation Foundation (IDEK)

The Research and Innovation Foundation (IDEK) is the national body responsible for supporting and promoting research, technological development and innovation. Its mission is achieved through the Foundation's core activities, which include the design and management of research grant programs and innovative activities, support for the integration of Cypriot researchers into European and international research services and the provision of support services. to businesses for innovation development, technology transfer and international networking. IDEK was founded in 1996, at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim of promoting scientific and technological research in Cyprus. He is a non-profit legal entity of private law and is registered as a Foundation under the Unions and Foundations Act of 1972 (57/1972). The founding of the Foundation contributed to the recognition by the state, the role that research plays in modern socio-economic conditions, and the fact that research activity and infrastructure in Cyprus were in their infancy and needed significant support and upgrading. The Foundation launched the first Research Grant Programs in 1997. Since 2003, the Foundation's Programs have been integrated into a broader, unified framework (HTSO Programs for Research, Technological Development and Innovation), serving multi-level goals, shared objectives and processes. and control. Following a decision by the Council of Ministers in 2007 on the establishment of a new Research and Innovation System for Cyprus, the Foundation's scope of responsibilities was expanded by integrating support and development of innovation in Cyprus. In this context, the establishment of the new Research and Innovation System of Cyprus in 2007, aimed at improving the existing system of organization and management of research and innovation issues, reinforced the role of the Foundation as an institutional body implementing the strategies decided by superior organs. As part of its ongoing efforts to modernize and improve the quality of its services and in an effort to respond to the changing environment, the Foundation has reorganized its structure in 2013, in addition to setting up the Cyprus Programs Division and the European Programs Division. Cooperation, Responsible Sector for Innovation and Business. Today, as an executive arm of the Research and Innovation System, IDEK provides a comprehensive and multi-dimensional range of services, covering all the needs of the research and business community, contributing decisively to the country's progress and prosperity.
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