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The Rise Fund

The Rise Fund is committed to achieving social and environmental impact alongside competitive financial returns. They seek to partner with creative entrepreneurs and build successful businesses that drive meaningful, measurable positive change. Vision: Drive global impact through uncompromised business performance. Measurable Global Impact The Rise Fund is creating a rigorous impact assessment model that uses independent, third-party research to measure and quantify social and environmental impact throughout the investment cycle, from underwriting to exit. This innovative, data-driven methodology aligns The Rise Fund’s objectives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and pioneers evidence-based impact investing.   Uncompromised
 Business Performance Impact investing upends a long-held tenet that financial success is antithetical to a social mission. Impact investors aim to harness the power of the market to drive sustainable social and environmental change, which means that profits are both possible and necessary to fulfill the mission. The Rise Fund will invest in companies that create positive impact through their core business operations, seeking out those situations where business success and meaningful social and environmental impact are inextricable—one drives the other.   There is no postal address indicated in the official website. If you need to ask a question or get more information, please do so by sending an e-mail.  
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