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The Road Maintenance Fund (El Fondo de Mantenimiento Vial) (FOMAV)

OUR INSTITUTION The Road Maintenance Fund (FOMAV), created in 2000, through Law No.355 and its reform, Law No.572, is an autonomous entity of the Nicaraguan state, with technical and administrative independence, to guarantee the conservation of the Maintainable Road Network nationwide. It initiated its operations with external resources, coming from credit agreements granted by the Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank to the Nicaraguan government. Funding Source: The financial resource that supports the management of FOMAV, in terms of road maintenance; It comes from the Special Tax IE-FOMAV, of 16 cents per gallon of diesel and gasoline, applicable to the sale made by distributors and importers to public service stations or private use. In accordance with Law No.572, the FOMAV transfers 20% of its annual collection to the municipalities. SCOPE OF COMPETITION FOMAV, in compliance with its Creative Law, guarantees the preservation of the Maintainable Road Network at national level, which is established through annual agreements signed with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI). Definition of “Maintainable Road Network”: A set of public land routes, whose physical condition is very good, good or regular, so that they can be conserved with the financial resources available from FOMAV. SCOPE OF MAINTENANCE FOMAV's attention is oriented to the National Road Network, in all types of surface: Asphalted, paved, hydraulic and unpaved concrete, in the various types of maintenance, these being the following: Routine Maintenance:  Localized repair of small defects in the pavement structure, maintenance of the drainage system, slopes, edges and cleaning of the right of way, carried out in a timely manner. Periodic Maintenance: Treatment and / or renewal of the bearing surface, by means of recycling or placement of overlays intended to maintain the track at an optimum level of service
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