Their ultimate goal is to prevent the extinction of wild tigers. With India home to more than two thirds of the global wild tiger population; it is vital that they eliminate wild tiger deaths due to poaching and retaliatory poisoning to ensure that wild tigers are around for future generations.  They achieve this by: Providing Anti-Poaching Patrols to keep wild tigers safe from poachers’ snares and traps. Working with the communities who live with wild tigers to ensure they have a vested interest in wild tiger survival. Educating future generations so they know the value of an apex predator and its habitat to the ecology and sustainability of the landscape. Providing safety advice to ensure that people living with wild tigers keep themselves, their families and livestock safe. Reducing human-animal conflict to help stabilise both prey and predator numbers through the provision of sustainable environmentally focused permanent wildlife waterhole solutions and schemes to reverse habitat destruction.
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • Warrington
  • 43 Ranworth Dr, Lowton, Warrington WA3 2SY, United Kingdom