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  • Founded1971

Tim Cartwright & Associates

Tim Cartwright & Associates was established in November 1971. They have been working in the field of international development for more than 40 years. Among their early assignments were: formulation of an urban design and transportation planning project (Algeria) in 1971; institutional strengthening and human-resource development for the Sri Lanka Tea Board in 1975; and capacity building to support a regional masterplanning study in Pahang Tenggara (Malaysia) in 1978. Originally, they were three associates -- Michel Chevalier, Jean-Marc Choukroun, and Tim Cartwright. Now they are 16, of whom 8 are international associates and 8 are regional associates.  The former are based in Europe, Canada, and Southeast Asia. The latter are based in West Africa, East Africa, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. Their clients include many of the bilateral donors from OECD countries as well as most of the major multilateral agencies (including the World Bank, the regional development banks, the European Commission, and various agencies of the United Nations). They also work for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and private companies. Collectively and individually, together and separately, they have worked on hundreds and hundreds of projects in more than 100 countries over the last 30 years.  Yet each assignment is unique.  Each assignment involves a specific country, a specific client, and a specific set of challenges. They work in all regions of the world -- Africa (North, East, West, Southern, and Central), Asia (South, Southeast, East, and Central), Europe (Eastern and Southern), and the Americas (Central and South, as well as the Caribbean). They work within and across numerous sectors.  Among these are:  agriculture; business development; education and training; energy, environment, and climate change; financial management; information and communications technology; gender equity and good governance; human-resource development and labour markets; industrial development; micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises; migration and refugees; natural resource management; public health; public law; transportation; urban and regional planning and management; and others. They work at all stages of the project cycle, including identification, feasibility, appraisal, inception, implementation, management, reporting, review, monitoring, and evaluation. So the projects listed above are just examples of what they have done and what they can do -- what countries they have worked in, what sectors they have worked in, whom they have worked with, and what kind of services they have provided. Through all their projects, however, there is a common thread.  That is their belief in capacity building, appropriate technology, and sustainable development.  That is what unites and inspires them.
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Contract Awards

Danish Support to the Education Sector in Burkina Faso, 2011-2014

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

Monitoring and evaluation specialist

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

Water and Sanitation Sector Programme, Phase II

Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)