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The Public and Nonprofit Sector Development Center TIM4PIN is a nonprofit organization based on the idea and the need for systematic organization and linking of expert and scientific potential specializing in economics, finance, accounting, auditing, law, management and information technology in the public and nonprofit sector. The abbreviated name of the Center reads: TIM4PIN symbolically reflects the unity of experts ( TIMs ) engaged in the development of the budget and nonprofit sector (PIN). President of the Center: prof. dr. sc. Davor Vašiček Vice-President of the Center: Ana Zorić, mag. iur. The Center issues TIM4PIN MAGAZIN - the only specialized journal that is entirely focused on current financial, economic and legal issues in the field of business of the Croatian public and non-profit sector. With the rich and current content of the magazine, the editorial board wants to provide a reliable and timely guide and a handbook for solving problems in the daily work of budget and extra-budgetary users, local and regional self-government units, non-profit organizations and utility companies and other public corporations. Membership in the Center is voluntary and is realized by all natural persons, citizens of the Republic of Croatia and foreigners. The members of the Center may also be units of local self-government, regional self-government units, scientific and professional institutions, associations and other legal entities that deal with issues of public and non-profit sector. Given that these forms of action are realized in the market, they fall into economic activities and are subject to taxable value added tax and profit tax. TIM4PIN Center has established its limited liability company TIM4PIN doo for conducting market and taxation activities. The Company is 100% owned by the TIM4PIN Center, which means that any profit realized by the Company is fully owned by the Center and will exclusively serve the financing of non-profit activities of the Center.

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