• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
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  • Founded2010
Trash Free Maryland, founded in 2010, brings together organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to reducing trash in Maryland’s environment. Many of the members have participated in community cleanup events and been discouraged by the futility of their efforts. Trash Free Maryland seeks to prevent litter from happening in the first place, and supports policies and programs to that end. Today, Trash Free Maryland is a nonprofit organization working toward long-term solutions to litter and plastic pollution. They work with organizations, individuals, businesses, and policy makers across the state to develop policies and programs to prevent trash pollution in Maryland's neighborhoods and waterways. Trash Free Maryland focuses much of the attention on programs and policies to reduce the use of disposable bags and polystyrene, and to incentivize recycling of bottles, cans, and other materials. Trash Free Maryland is also participating in the development and assessment of regulations aimed at reducing trash pollution, fostering changes within industry, and behavior change through public education and community programs.

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