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Tsamota Ltd

Tsamota offers bespoke consultancy services in the ethical provision of specialised advice and the undertaking of operational or strategic tasks for companies, government, IGOs, NGOs and individuals. The services are offered to support identified client objectives and provide required solutions. They provide skill-sets on demand, which give demonstrable added-capacity to achieve a client's objectives and added-value to required outcomes. Tsamota provides expertise in seven services across seven sectors, offering a breadth of specialised skills, professional experience and qualifications and a domestic, regional and international capacity and capability. All service areas are complementary. Each of the service areas can be integrated across all of the seven activity sectors. Tsamota preserves and maintains client confidentiality wishes at all times, and ensures full security and safety measures are applied when necessary to all its tasks and undertakings. These are two key aspects to their work and are core characteristics of their group. Tsamota's multi-disciplined consultants provide the range of skills, experience and qualifications to deliver the client's requirements. They bring together people from a range of professional backgrounds, each one having experience in more than one professional sphere. They apply professional and cultural diversity and gender balance in their teams, and are not a bunch of 'peas out of the same pod', except from one perspective alone; they all believe that their service is all about going the extra mile for each client, at all times. Services: Tsamota offers its services in seven activity areas. All are complementary, and each can be integrated with another to provide a bespoke and logical suite of services according to the client's requirements. By offering specialised core skills in each of these areas, Tsamota can be engaged confidently either for individual task work, or for an entire project, safe in the knowledge that the levels of excellence will not vary when each, any, or all skills are combined to fulfil the objectives. Collection: Tsamota has long experience of collecting information within many varying operational environments, whether in peacetime, conflict or post-conflict scenarios. Much of the information has been collected in support of legal processes, and thus Tsamota has long experience of applying appropriate collection mechanisms that satisfy legal, objective, qualitative, balanced and thoroughness criteria. In particular, Tsamota staff have experience of information collection from many various human origins, such as from witnesses, victims, suspects, experts, and confidential sources. Monitor & Assess: Tsamota will monitor situations, environments, activities and scenarios as required by a client. Tsamota has the skill-sets to do such work overtly or in confidence, passively or actively collecting information and data within the framework required. Monitor reporting can be instantaneous, hourly, daily or within an agreed timescale, and can be delivered via the medium of the client's choice. Tsamota will undertake assessments and deliver reports relating to any issue within its core sectors. For example, these can range from providing an analytical report of a developing situation in a foreign country, be it perhaps a new business opportunity, an environmental matter, or alleged criminal activity, to providing threat assessments for risk management requirements. Tsamota can draw upon a large number of sub-sources indigenous to areas, experts in specialised subject matter or experienced in the topic concerned to assist in the assessment for the client in order for it to have maximum relevance and validity. Research & Analysis: Tsamota's research and analysis capability is extensive, and its product quality is of the highest standards. Tsamota's analysis staff have been formally trained in, and use, many forms of analytical techniques, electronic tools and software, and have produced multi-sourced analytical product ranging from short papers through to reports many hundreds of pages long. However, Tsamota does not believe that quantity of analysis product has a quality all of its own. Instead, it writes succinctly, uses simple language and ensures clarity, balance and objectivity in its product for its clients. Tsamota can offer its clients strategic and operational level criminal, military, legal, business, environmental and political analysis skills. It will always cite its sources whenever it is permitted to, and use as broad an array as is possible; Tsamota believes multi-sourced product should be just that, not minimally-sourced only just to cover a provider's obligation. Tsamota will analyse ruthlessly objectively, and write it as it is. It will ensure the client gets the full picture, even if the ensuing report is not in line with a client's anticipated expectations of a particular answer. Investigations: Tsamota undertakes investigations from a holistic perspective. For them, investigating is not just characterised by getting out there, picking up some information and drawing a conclusion from it. Tsamota uses multi-disciplined teams, including lawyers, analysts and specialist staff to ensure the full process is properly implemented when it is required. The staff have long experience of conducting successful complex investigations that were challenged in the adversarial systems of the international law courts, and also adjudicated therein. Tsamota's staff have investigated the most heinous and egregious crimes that can be committed, including genocide, terrorism, multiple widespread murders and sexual crimes, financial misdemeanours and environmental violations. These investigations have often been  undertaken in the most complex of hostile, semi-hostile, conflict and post-conflict environments. Legal Representation: Tsamota offers legal advice and representation in a number of areas. For example, it can provide advice in criminal law under the framework of International Humanitarian Law or the Law of Armed Conflict, or within the context of national criminal jurisdictions. It also will provide advice on environmental law and human rights law, conventions, treaties, covenants, protocols and declarations, and in relation to legislative frameworks associated with a client's operational requirements. Tsamota's staff have many years legal experience within the International Criminal Court and the ad-hoc Tribunals, the International Courts of Justice, and within a number of national criminal jurisdictions. Its staff have prosecuted  successfully before the international courts the most heinous and egregious crimes that can be committed, including genocide, multiple murders and sexual crimes. They have also long experience in prosecuting complex criminal cases before Federal and State jurisdictions, and advising and operating within environmental law and human rights law frameworks. Training: Tsamota offers bespoke and standard off-the-shelf training packages ranging from one day to six weeks as appropriate, and training programmes designed to satisfy an organisational or national requirement across multiple agencies or business areas. Training is offered in various extremely diverse information collection techniques; strategic and operational analysis; first responder scenes of crime preservation and exhibit collection; civilian conduct in a hostile environment; interview techniques; use of interpreters; the application of international humanitarian law; security management; evacuation and business continuity planning; environmental monitoring; anti- and counter-surveillance techniques; human contact information collection techniques; organisational governance; organisational information systems management.  All Tsamota's courses can be broken into modules in order to enable delivery over an extended time period for busy clients unable to devote a single full-time period to a training commitment. For example, a three week fifteen day strategic analysis course can be split into five modules of three days each, with extra quarter-days for recap and reorientation as required per module. Project Management: Tsamota's staff have many years experience in delivering project management results. They respect the client's requirements, adhere to budgetary constraints and deliver within timescales expected. Tsamota can monitor, mentor, assess, supplement or manage a client's on-going project, or can take the process on behalf of the client from cradle to grave, devising, implementing and managing a project as required. They can also provide the staff to populate a project requirement. Sectors: -Rule of Law -Natural Resources -Human Rights -Counter-Terrorism -Serious Crimes -Forensic Equipment and Training -Sustainability, CSR and Risk -Management  
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