• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersTurkey
  • Founded1946

Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR)

History The first legal regulation regarding public employment services in our country is Labour Law with the date 1936 and the number 3008 which is our first law. Said Law had set forth forbidding private offices executing agency business for seeking jobs and employees and establishing the Institution of Providing Jobs and Employees in three years which could enable that this service would be executed by the government. Since the Institution could not be founded within three years, it was determined that law draft of the Institution would be reported to TBMM (Grand National Assembly of Turkey) through the Law with the date 1939 and the number 3612 in two years. However, owing to the interruption caused by 2nd World War, this time span passed and eventually the Institution for Providing Jobs and Employees was established by the Law with the number 4837 in 21st January of 1946 in order to deliver public employment services. In 15.03.1946 the Institution of Providing Jobs and Employees (IPJE) came into operation. The Law with the number 4837 determined the mission of the Institution as agency business for finding jobs and employees, that is, “for employees finding jobs suitable to their qualities and for employers finding employees having suitable qualities for the job. IPJE began to deliver agency business for finding jobs and employees in labour market and to fulfil the mission to meet labour force need of developing industry and to provide sectoral and geographical mobilisation of labour as of 1946. Together with the developed countries, primarily Germany, needed more labour force and began to fill this gap via foreign workers; IPJE concentrated on sending workers abroad. Stagnation and increasing unemployment in industrial countries after 1973 Oil Crisis caused labour force demand to cease. This development had been the beginning of decline process for IPJE and public employment services focusing on the activity of sending workers abroad. The Institution couldn’t renew itself in delivering the services needed by changing labour market and the role of public services in the labour market increasingly diminished. Fundamental duties of the Institution of Providing Jobs and Employees was determined in the Law with the date 25.08.1971 and the number 1475; even though, ILO contract with the date 1919 and the number 2 related to unemployment which is determinant for the activities of the Institution was approved in 16.02.1950, ILO contract with the date 1933 ant the number 34 related to liquidating of paid employment agencies was approved in 30.11.1949, ILO contract with the date 1949 and the number 96 related to private unemployment agencies was approved in 08.08.1951, and ILO contract with the date 1964 ant the number 122 related to the employment policy was approved in 9.11.1976. Regulation of labour market materialized before the planned period and approval of said contracts. Accordingly, the Institution could not possess a modern and dynamic structure that could enable labour market be designed within a specific plan and programme at national level. Thus, development of our Institution in our country mostly fell behind the needs, particularly in terms of legal regulations, and individual changes rendered occasionally could not provide activity demanded.
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Company Offices

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