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UltraViolet is a powerful and rapidly growing community of people mobilized to fight sexism and create a more inclusive world that accurately represents all women, from politics and government to media and pop culture. They work on a range of issues—reproductive rights, healthcare, economic security, violence, and racial justice — and they center the voices of all women, especially women of color, immigrants, and LGBTQ women. UltraViolet exists to create a cost for sexism and to achieve full equity for all women through culture and policy change. They fight attacks against women and work toward a proactive vision of what equality looks like for women. They demand accountability from individuals, the media, and institutions that perpetuate sexist narratives or seek to limit the rights, safety, and economic security of women. They leverage culture, politics, the news, and their rapid-response model to mobilize millions of people, quickly. They founded UltraViolet five years ago on the principle that with a combination of organizing, technology, creative campaigning, and people power, they can win. Ultraviolet leads creative, breakthrough campaigns that have won victories from politics to culture. They’ve never backed down from a fight, and their members have never been more energized and active than they are today. THE NEED They work toward ending violence against women - 1 in 3 women experience either physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. - They target corporations, college campuses and universities, and the media to call out the enabling of predators against women and work toward exposing rape culture in all forms. They aim to increase economic security for women and families - Women earn $.75 for every $1.00 earned by men, and this wage gap is even greater for women of color. - They work to address this inequity in work, sports, and all aspects of life so that one day all people will have equal equity to achieve success and stability. They fight to ensure that all women have access to full and affordable health care services - Consistent threats to a woman’s ability to make choices over her own body have been a focal point of political debate for years. - Theyadvocate for all women and understand that women of color, young women, immigrant women, LGBTQ, and women living in rural areas are most severely impacted by threats and policies that impact access to healthcare.  - They demand that decision-makers, corporations, and leaders protect women’s health. They call out sexism in politics, media, and culture - Despite making up a majority of the population, women remain drastically underrepresented in politics, media, and culture. - They advocate for equal representation in all areas, especially targeting leaders and influencers who are harmful to our ability to live full, free lives.

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