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  • Founded1946
UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realized. We have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality.  That makes us unique among world organizations, and unique among those working with the young. We believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.  UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path.  We believe that we can, together, advance the cause of humanity.   What We Do We advocate for measures to give children the best start in life, because proper care at the youngest age forms the strongest foundation for a person’s future. We promote girls’ education – ensuring that they complete primary education as a minimum – because it benefits all children, both girls and boys. Girls who are educated grow up to become better thinkers, better citizens, and better parents to their own children. We act so that all children are immunized against common childhood diseases, and are well nourished, because it is wrong for a child to suffer or die from a preventable illness. We work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among young people because it is right to keep them from harm and enable them to protect others. We help children and families affected by HIV/AIDS to live their lives with dignity. We involve everyone in creating protective environments for children. We are present to relieve suffering during emergencies, and wherever children are threatened, because no child should be exposed to violence, abuse or exploitation. UNICEF upholds the Convention on the Rights of the Child.  We work to assure equality for those who are discriminated against, girls and women in particular. We work for the Millennium Development Goals and for the progress promised in the United Nations Charter. We strive for peace and security. We work to hold everyone accountable to the promises made for children. We are part of the Global Movement for Children – a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child.  Through this movement, and events such as the United Nations Special Session on Children, we encourage young people to speak out and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. We work in 190 countries through country programmes and National Committees. We are UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund.     FOCUS AREAS    - Young child survival and development  - Basic education and gender equality  - HIV/Aids and children  - Child protection  - Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights

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14 July 2017
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  • Consultant: Road Safety Campaign
  • Deputy Director, Southern California Region
    United States
  • Manager, Foundation Partnerships
    United States
  • Chief, Communication for Development

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Company Offices
  • United States (headquarters)
  • New York
  • Three United Nations Plaza
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu
  • UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia, Lekhnath Marg
  • Jordan
  • Amman
  • Middle East and North Africa Regional Office, Al Dhahak Bin Sufian Street, Building No.15, Tla'a Al-Ali
  • Kenya
  • Nairobi
  • Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office, UN Offices, "Block F", Girgiri (Limuru Road)
  • Senegal
  • Dakar
  • West and Central Africa Regional Office, Immeuble Maimouna III, Route de la Pointe des Almadies en face l'Hotel Meridien President
  • Panama
  • Panama City
  • UNICEF - The Americas and Caribbean Regional Office (TACRO), Edificio 102, Avenida Jose E. Gil, Ciudad del Saber
  • Thailand
  • Bangkok
  • East Asia and the Pacific Regional Office, 19 Phra Atit Road, Chanasongkram, Phra Nakorn
  • Switzerland
  • Geneva
  • Central and Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Office, UNICEF Geneva, 5-7 Avenue de la Paix


Contract Awards

Solarization Of The Cold Chain22 May 2017

World Bank - WB
22 May 2017

Acquisition of Vaccines and Other Vaccination Facilities 22 May 2017

World Bank - WB
22 May 2017

Emergency Water, Sanitation and Nutrition Support in Haiti in Response to the Hurricane Matthew19 April 2017

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Canada) - DFATD-Canada
19 Apr 2017

Emergency Water, Sanitation and Nutrition Support in Haiti in Response to the Hurricane Matthew

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Canada) - DFATD-Canada