• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • HeadquartersNetherlands
  • Founded1991

Unicorn B.V.

Unicorn B.V. began in 1991 with the small scale marketing of refrigerant recovery and recycling machines. At the start, Unicorn was strongly focused on the automotive air conditioning market. At that time, information on air conditioning - evidence that refrigerants could have a negative effect on our environment, and information on the right equipment - was, in Western Europe, less than adequate. Unicorn B.V. stepped into that market. Early on, more as a hobby; but over the past 24 years, Unicorn has grown into a professional business. Their young and enthusiastic co-workers feel strongly about service and quality. Moreover, they enjoy their work and that translates into pleasant contact with you, the customer. You will find an extensive range of products in this catalogue. As you look through it, you will find that Unicorn B.V. is a leader in the field of service equipment and tools for the HVAC industry. Their strongest qualities can still be found in refrigeration systems which are not ‘stationary’. In other words, refrigeration that rides, sails, flies or that is otherwise ‘on the move’. They are proud of the fact that we are constantly devising or locating innovative products. After passing the necessary trials, these products are added to their line. That is why they urge you to contact us if you cannot find the item you are looking for on their website.
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Company Offices

  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Haarlem
  • 96a, Waarderweg