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Unidad de Restitucion de Tierras (URT)

ABOUT  Known as the Victims and Land Restitution Law, in its title IV chapter II, it creates a legal procedure to restitute and formalize the land of the victims of the dispossession and forced abandonment that have arisen since January 1, 1991 on the occasion of the conflict. internal armed. The procedure is mixed in that it consists of an administrative stage (registration in the land registry) and a judicial appeal (restitution action). To achieve the legal and material restitution of the dispossessed lands, the Law creates a Special Administrative Unit for the Management of Restitution of Dispossessed Lands, an entity attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as an administrative body whose central objective is "to serve as an administrative organ of the Government National for the restitution of lands of the dispossessed "to which Law 1448 of 2011 refers and to keep the Unique Registry of Dispossessed Lands. This means that the Unit will be in charge of designing and managing the Registry of Dispossessed and Abandoned Lands, where in addition to the property, the persons subject to restitution, their legal relationship with the land and their family nucleus will be registered. In addition to the above, the Unit will take, on behalf of the victims, the requests or demands for restitution before the Judges and / or Magistrates of Land Restitution and, in the event that restitution is not possible, and after a judicial order, will compensate the victim and third parties in good faith free of guilt. For these purposes, the Unit will have a Fund through which it will carry out its functions and court orders. In order to provide procedural guarantees and allow legal debate before the body that the Political Constitution itself establishes to resolve in justice scenarios, the Law also orders the creation of positions of Civil Circuit Judges and Magistrates of the Superior Courts of the Judicial District Civil Chamber, specialized in land restitution, which, as stated at the beginning, is responsible for making substantive decisions on claims and related claims in the framework of comprehensive reparation. They decide the processes in a single instance and definitively. They also retain jurisdiction until the material restitution of the dispossessed property is guaranteed, that is, the effective enjoyment of the restituted right. The sentence will constitute full title to the property. Mission "Lead victims of abandonment and dispossession, through administrative management for the restitution of their lands and territories, to the realization of their rights over them, and with this contribute to the construction of peace in Colombia" Vision “By the year 2021, the victims of abandonment and dispossession due to the armed conflict have recovered their rights to the lands and territories thanks to an articulated, legitimate and irreversible action led by the Unit, contributing to comprehensive reparation as the basis of reconciliation processes. ”  
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