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United Nations Development Programme Tunisia (UNDP Tunisia)

About UNDP's mission in Tunisia is to help the main Tunisian actors: The Government, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders to manage their transition to a more democratic, more transparent, more responsible and more resilient society. Shortly after the revolutionary changes that rocked Tunisia in January 2011, the UNDP launched a strategic plan to support Tunisia in managing its transition to democracy. Through this plan, the UNDP helps Tunisia to access expertise with global reach, to draw on the experiences of other countries and by making the best use of existing national skills to achieve the main objectives of the transition. UNDP support to Tunisia focuses on three essential areas: democratic governance and consolidation of reforms; inclusive growth and sustainable human development, the environment and the fight against climate change. Objectives UNDP Tunisia has announced its commitment to the Tunisian population to help them achieve the objectives of their revolution. More specifically, UNDP is currently engaged in programs and projects that help Tunisians to achieve the objectives of the transition they have undertaken since January 2011 which are as follows: - Prepare and approve a new constitution that would help lay the groundwork for a more democratic future; - Prepare and manage democratic and credible elections that further strengthen relations between the state and citizens. - Prepare, adopt and implement transitional legislation and mechanisms to help restore justice for victims of undemocratic practices perpetrated by previous governments. - Establish the foundations for more independent and accountable institutions that would help fight corruption; and Undertake the necessary reforms to restore a relationship of trust between the security forces and the citizens. In addition, UNDP Tunisia has also helped reduce poverty in the southwest and northwest areas of the country, considered to be the poorest. The UNDP is also helping Tunisia to manage its energy transition more efficiently by going beyond carbon dependence on renewable energies, as well as promoting efficient management of water and coastal areas
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