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Access to health is today unequal around the world. At Univercells, they are on a mission to make biologics available and affordable. They believe this can only happen by changing the rules, especially for biomanufacturing. And by bringing out the best of technology innovations. Through the use of process intensification, cutting-edge technologies and process integration, their mission is to re-invent biomanufacturing and deploy autonomous production capacities in less than 2 years, with significant investment reduction. Modeling the CAPEx enabled to show that the investment can be reduced by up to 90%. In addition, they make affordable biologics, enabling a reduction of the sales price by up to 75%. The shift to biosimilars has seen the emergence of leaders defying current barriers to enter bioindustries : huge investment, high operational costs and complex process operations. Univercells team draw on its experience in every aspect of bioproduction to help the leaders who have the ambition to change the paradigm. They completely rethink single-use bioprocesses to minimize footprint and unit cost while simplifying operations.  They integrate unit operations (a benchmark in many industries for decades), which dramatically drives cost down. And they design manufacturing facilities ”around” optimized integrated processes. This is how they implement biomanufacturing solutions enabling production capacities that will make biologics accessible to all. They believe in technology-driven affordability, independently of the place, country or continent where the facility is implemented. Driven by effectuation and operational agility, they can manage selected parts of your industrialization plan or they can take care of your biomanufacturing project, from A to Z.
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