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  • Founded1951

Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB)

The Andrés Bello Catholic University is an institution of higher education of the Society of Jesus. Its foundation was decreed by the Venezuelan Episcopate in 1951 and carried out in Caracas in 1953 by the Society of Jesus, to whom it belongs in perpetuity. The Andrés Bello Catholic University is a non-profit institution; the source of their income are stipends from tuition and student pensions, contributions, donations, inheritances or legacies from individuals and communities that want to link their name to the organization, and those derived from any legal convention whose celebration is considered convenient. The proceeds of said income, if any after paying for what the university service requires, will revert directly or indirectly to the benefit of the cultural work performed by the University.   Objectives and Mission The Andrés Bello Catholic University proclaims the following aims and objectives as its own: The University is fundamentally a community of spiritual interests that brings together authorities, professors and students; in the task of seeking the truth and strengthening the transcendental values ​​of man. The UCAB is an institution at the service of the Nation and is responsible for helping to guide the country's life through its doctrinal contribution in the clarification of national problems. The University must perform a leading role in education, culture and science. In order to fulfill this mission, its activities will be aimed at creating, assimilating and disseminating knowledge through research and teaching; to complete the integral formation initiated in the previous educational cycles, and to form the professional and technical teams that the Nation needs for its development and progress. University education will be inspired by a defined spirit of democracy, social justice and human solidarity, and will be open to all currents of universal thought, which will be presented and analyzed in a rigorously scientific manner. MISSION The Andrés Bello Catholic University considers its specific mission: Contribute to the integral formation of university youth, in their personal and community aspect, within the Christian conception of life. Strive to accelerate the process of national development, creating awareness of their problems and promoting the will to develop. For this reason, it will attach special importance to the promotion of human resources and particularly of youth, in order to achieve the promotion of all men and of all people. Work for the integration of Latin America and for safeguarding and enriching its common historical-cultural heritage; for the mutual understanding and rapprochement of the peoples of our continent; for the implementation of social justice; for the overcoming of the prejudices and contrasts that divide and separate nations, and for the establishment of peace, founded on deep ecumenical humanism. Radiate its action, especially to the most marginalized sectors of the national community. Promote the dialogue of Sciences among themselves and of these with Philosophy and Theology, in order to achieve a superior, universal and comprehensive knowledge that fills university work with meaning.
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