• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersBolivia
  • Founded1832


INSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS The Universidad Mayor de San Simón (UMSS), founded by Law of November 5, 1832, during the Presidency of Mcal. Andrés de Santa Cruz, is an autonomous entity, under public law, constituted by teachers, students and administrative staff, with their own legal status, recognized by the Political Constitution of the State. It covers the area of ​​higher education with its teaching-learning, scientific and technological research and university social interaction functions. The UMSS belongs to the Public University System grouped around the Executive Committee of the Bolivian University (CEUB). The academic and administrative activity of the UMSS is subject, both to Bolivian laws and to internal regulations, expressed in the Organic Statute. From 1930 (Referendum) and 1931 (Decree Law), The Bolivian University assumes the University Autonomy, whose essence lies in the freedom of thought to develop scientific knowledge, based on its principles, purposes and objectives, as established by the Political Constitution of the State. University Autonomy is an imprescriptible and inalienable right, which implies obligations and recognizes rights for authorities, teachers, students and administrative dependents; and it is understood as the capacity of the University for the free administration of its heritage, the election of its Authorities, the appointment of its teaching and administrative staff, the preparation and approval of its statutes, curricula, regulations and annual budgets, as well as the ability that is recognized to accept legacies and donations, to enter into contracts and negotiate loans with guarantee of their assets and resources, prior legislative approval. The basis of the democratic organization of the UMSS rests on the sovereign decision of all teachers and students, expressed through the universal vote and co-government teacher-student parity. PURPOSES AND OBJECTIVES The purposes of the UMSS are : - Contribute to the creation of a national conscience, based on the knowledge of the reality of dependence, oppression and exploitation of the country, in the perspective of its political, economic, social independence and its self-determination. - Train qualified professionals in all areas of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge that respond to the needs of national, regional development and are endowed with critical awareness. - Preserve the cultural heritage of the nation, develop scientific research, proceed to humanistic and technical professional training and fulfill a social mission at the service of the people who support it and to which it is due. - Assimilate, create and develop science and technology, through objective research of reality, for its transformation. - Identify the scientific-cultural task with popular interests, integrating them into the struggle for national liberation. The objectives of the UMSS are: - Organize and maintain institutes for the cultural, technical and social training of workers and popular sectors. - Plan, execute and evaluate Higher Education, as a basic and priority function, within the framework of the National Education System. - Contribute to the elaboration of policies of defense and rational exploitation of natural resources. - Fulfill its social mission, mainly through university social interaction, as a means of identifying the University with its people. - To assume the defense of the basic principles that inspire and sustain the existence of the Bolivian University, as well as to organize the joint action of the Universities, in case of threat or intervention to the Autonomy regime. - Strengthen the links of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón with the other Universities of Latin America and with all the Universities and Cultural Centers of the world. - To support in all the political activities that allow to optimize and facilitate the access and permanence of the popular sectors to the University  
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