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Universite Paris-Sud (Paris-Sud University)

Paris-Sud University is the place of excellent research for the benefit of understanding the world, students’ success and society’s needs. The high quality of its research is proven by the many awards and its position in international rankings. The visibility of its research and courses should be further improved by its integration into Paris-Saclay University on 1 January 2020, which is a major project for Paris-Sud University. A university known for rigorous research in a broad range of subjects, it is particularly renowned for the very high quality of its research, especially in mathematics and physics, making significant contributions to understanding the world and the universe, while being the starting point for much research in computer science, chemistry and biology. Its research in health science is evident in many medical fields, including therapeutic innovation. Its law, economics and management teams focus on particularly novel research in fields such as new technology or innovation. Finally, much multi-disciplinary research is conducted across the spectrum, for example, motor control in the field of sports sciences. All this research is carried out in laboratories mostly shared with major research organisations (National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (Inria), and National Institute for Agricultural Research (Inra)), whose involvement has largely contributed to their international reputation. University Paris-Sud is well-known both for its research and the quality of its courses that are part of a very extensive range of subjects as first-degree and technical courses. Some of the characteristics of a range of courses open to society are: support for cutting-edge research in all types of fields, a wealth of multi-disciplinarity, innovative teaching adapted to diverse audiences - first degrees or lifelong learning - and professionalising various courses, including at doctoral level. Its outstanding scientific and living environments provide its students and young researchers with the best conditions for acquiring the highest levels of knowledge and skills combined with a high-quality campus life. Paris-Sud University is asserting its foothold in society and in this regard is developing its industrial partnerships, so that discoveries by its researchers can be sources of innovation and new jobs mainly through strong support for the creation of start-ups. This also helps its students enter the world of business, by meeting companies’ needs as closely as possible. Paris-Sud University is also developing activities to convey and disseminate science, technology and artistic culture and activities at the crossroads of the two, with a “Science-Culture-Society” focus being developed. All of these activities are aimed at both its community - staff and students - as well as the general public and school audiences. Paris-Sud University, located in an exceptional scientific environment, is joining forces with all the higher education and research partners in the region to further increase the international visibility of all actors in the Paris-Saclay University project which it is a major player in. As of 1 January, 2020, Paris-Sud University will become part of Paris-Saclay University with all of its partner universities, schools and research organisations. Also, its high-quality research and future- and employment-focused courses put Paris-Sud University in a unique position and make it a major player in founding Paris-Saclay University. It will hence consolidate its position among the world’s leading universities and its attractiveness to students, lecturers and lecturer-researchers, researchers and technical and administrative staff, who are the architects of all of its roles and maintain its reputation.
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