• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1960

University of Jambi (Universitas Jambi)

Academy of trade was founded in 1960 under auspice of Djambi College Foundation. This foundation was established with the initiative of public figures and Jambi authority at that time which was headed by R. Sudarson who served as Jambi mayor.  Afterward in 1961, the academy of trade was changed into faculty of economics which coincided with the formation of law faculty. These two faculties were affiliated to faculty of economy at University of Indonesia in Jakarta. With the two faculties in hand, Jambi public figures and local authority struggled to establish a university with a committee of Jambi establishment of university. With a minister’s decree no. 105/1962 on 15 August 1962, a committee of Jambi establishment of university was formed. This local committee was chaired by M.J. Singadekane as the first governor of Jambi province. The result of the committee’s job was the establishment of Jambi University on 1 April 1963 which was strengthened with the minister decree no. 25/1963 on 23 March 1963. The preparation committee for Jambi University later opened two new faculties, that is, faculty of agriculture and faculty of animal husbandry. Therefore, when this university was officially opened on 1 April 1963, it already had four faculties, that is, faculty of economics, faculty of law, faculty of agriculture and faculty of animal husbandry. From the moment to present day, the 1st of April was celebrated as the date of birth of this university. The President of Republic of Indonesia made a decree in 1966 no. 148 which stipulated the establishment of this university under the name of Jambi University. However, with unexplained reason the president’s decree never arrived in Jambi. As the result of this, for years ahead before the release of president’s decree no. 41 in 1982 this university was still named ‘State University of Djambi’. With the minister’s decree no. 25 in 1963 which stipulated the establishment of State University of Jambi, it also declared a presidium which in charge to run the university. This presidium was headed by Cornel M.J. Singadekane who happened to be the governor of Jambi that formerly in charge of the head of preparation committee. The university was run under presidium format from its creation in 1963 until 1977. This system ceased to exist when Drs. Kemas Mohamad Saleh was elected as the interim rector by the minister of culture and education the Republic of Indonesia. Vision In 2025 Jambi University will be qualified by various eminent center of innovative and competitive nationally and internationally. Missions Initiate and ensure access to high-quality education and affordable for the whole society on the basis of equality principle (higher education services). Produce human resources that are reliable and able to compete globally. Develop and disseminate knowledge, technology and the arts through education, research and community service. Develop a college governance effective and efficient based on the principles of fairness, openness, responsibility and accountability. Aims Open and give people an opportunity to develop into a modern society that is living the faith and piety as well as master of Science, Technology and / or Art. Developing human resources knowledgeable, creative, disciplined, moral and ethical, dedicated and able to adapt and compete in the development of Science, Technology and / or Art. Develop and disseminate Science, Technology and / or Arts and seek their use in order to improve people’s lives, as well as to preserve and enrich the national culture. Develop a democratic atmosphere which supports an academic freedom, a freedom of academic forum and responsibly scientific autonomy. Develop and strengthen the governance of the organization healthy and well. Meet the needs of facilities and infrastructures that support the education and development of science, technology and art.
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