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About Innovative solutions for wildland firefighting PPE, Tools & Machinery Vallfirest is a reference manufacturer of equipment, tools and solutions for wildland firefighting. In the last years wildfires have been evolving in intensity and speed, creating more and more problems to the existing extinction systems. The great wildfires that have taken place in recent years requires new strategies, new tactics and new equipment’s and tools. Vallfirest works hand by hand with analysts and industry professionals from all over the world, who transmit their needs and experiences to the Company. This continuous flow of information helps us to optimize the existing tools and develop more disruptive and better tools, machinery and equipment’s that allows it to act more efficiently and effectively and, above all, allows it to better protect the society and the forestry ecosystems. The world is facing the wildfires of the 21st century and we work every to provide Innovative Solutions for Wildland Firefighting.
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