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  • HeadquartersGermany
  • Founded1965
Vallon GmbH is an internationally operating manufacturer of Metal Detectors (Mine Detectors), IED detectors, and Ferrous Locators (UXO bomb locators) for humanitarian and military applications. Since 2005, Vallon also offers a Dual Sensor Detector for non-metallic mines and IED, the Minehound VMR3, comprising a metal detector and a ground penetration radar. With the experience of 50 years and with a staff of highly qualified engineers as well as close contacts to the end-users, Vallon GmbH develops equipment of highest quality standards that meet customers requirements worldwide. Their Philosophy Vallon products are designed in their own research and developing centre and fulfill very high quality standards. Daily contacts with the end users are the basis for an ergonomic and efficient equipment. Because Vallon products have to protect life, all equipment runs through an extensive inspection procedure. Technologies Most part of the Vallon detectors are handheld carried sensors, operated in all weather conditions. Therefore, Vallon attaches great value to employing state-of-the-art technologies and materials. Their goals are: - Creation of lightweight but robust design - Reduction of energy consumption - Temperature resistance - Outmost reliability of detection sensivity For the engineering of their electronics they are taking full advantage of the technological progress in terms of miniaturization, and they are constantly checking their electronic components for possible quality improvements. The detectors are processor-controlled. Future experiences and improvements are handled through firmware upgrades. Customer requirements can therefore be implemented very quickly. High-Tech Materials In order to archive the above technological goals, they use not only highly resistant glass fibres and special synthetic materials, but also woven carbon and glass fibre composite materials which are offering following advantages: - No corrosion - Lightweight - Easy to handle at all tempratures - High mechanical stability Training Vallon have their own test ground for mine detection with different soil conditions. Likewise, this test ground can be used as training facilities for UXO detection on the surface and in bore holes. Their Instructors are highly experienced Engineers Operation training and service training is offered in their works in Eningen, but also worldwide. PRODUCTS:  - Mine Detection - UXO Detection - Multisensor Systems - Computer-Aided Evaluation - Security Equipment  

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  • Eningen unter Achalm
  • Arbachtalstr. 10


Contract Awards

Provision of Mine Detecting Set

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
9 Mar 2018

Supply of Mine Detection Sets

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
19 Feb 2018

Provision of Mine Detecting Set

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
11 Jan 2018

Procurement of Radar Detectors for Demining Activities

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
21 Sep 2017

Supply of Metal Detectors

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
11 Aug 2017