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Vaxa Sverige

Grow Sweden is the country's largest pet association. They work for sustainable, profitable and competitive agricultural production. With their advice and service, your farm develops. Växa Sverige is owned and works for 6,382 members who are also customers and they have 242 elected representatives. They are the country's largest animal association with 207,379 dairy cows in Kokontrollen. They are a modern nationwide advisory and service company, and they mainly turn to milk and meat entrepreneurs, but many of their services also suit agricultural companies with other business orientations. They are from northern Sweden to Halland in the west, Småland and Blekinge in the south and Öland and Gotland in the east. Grow Sweden has several operating locations around Sweden, and 330 full-time jobs with knowledgeable and committed employees. They have sales of SEK 404 million. Their products and services span areas from seminars and exchange services to breeding counseling, preventive animal health work and consultancy within business and business development.
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Company Offices

  • Sweden
  • Grow Sweden, Piteå Grans 18, 943 33 Öjebyn