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  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded2009
Veragon Srl is an Italian company, based in Perugia (Italy), a leading manufacturer of machines that generate mineral water from the atmospheric moisture. The Veragon technology comes from experience, gained over time, in different areas of application, ranging from military to social, and replicate exactly what happens in nature. In the normal cycle of water transformation, the humidity present in the atmosphere goes up to the sky, and then condenses and falls as rain. Crossing the soil, the water is enriched by minerals before gush out in the natural springs. The Veragon machines does exactly the same, condensing the humidity into water, which is then sterilized through a treatment with ozone, and UV rays, to be then mineralized. The water produced is not only drinkable but also mineralized and the quality of the product is certified by major international Organizations and Institutions. Veragon produces water at a lower cost than the price paid for the conventional supplies. Veragon already supplies several Armies all over the world and the élite corps of the Landing Troops of the Italian Navy (San Marco Battalion), the 3° Storm of the Italian Aviation. Veragon is also a registered vendor of NATO and UN, and many Humanitarian Organizations, like: WFP, UNHRD, FAO, UNFPA, IFAD, etc. As Veragon products continue to evolve, The R/D activities will focus on initiatives designed to enhance product performance and increase the range of product available. Their effort is now focus to launch a new generation of Veragon products that will combine air-to-water technology with alternative energies with substantial reduction of energy consumption.

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Construction of Water Purification Plant

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Water Purification Plant

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)