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Vingroup Innovation Foundation (VINIF)

Vingroup Innovation Fund (Vingroup Innovation Foundation - VINIF) was established by Vingroup with the function of assisting organizations and individuals to conduct scientific research, technology and innovation, in order to create positive and sustainable change for Vietnam. Every year, the VINIF Foundation organizes programs and activities to support and fund research institutes, universities, youth research groups and individuals such as: Annual research support program Domestic master's and doctoral training scholarships Conferences, seminars and scientific forums Scientific advisor Science and technology awards VINIF will fund projects and activities related to Bigdata fields such as computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, nanotechnology, renewable energy, raw materials. New generation ... with the orientation to bring out products and technology solutions that bring practical benefits to the community. Organizations and partners receiving the Fund's funding are universities, research institutes and scientists with basic-oriented application research projects (related or not related to Vingroup). Projects and activities will be supported by the Fund at the highest level possible, ensuring the salaries of scientists and participants, helping them focus their research. The process of selection, management and implementation of the VINIF Fund will be streamlined and effective with many constructive features such as: Short, simple and simple application for project registration and presentation of final expenditures, not applied to the current financial management circular of S&T programs but to real needs. International. The Selection Council is organized concurrently with domestic experts and prestigious foreign experts. Quick disbursement, simultaneous support for the host organization and scientists. Streamline unnecessary procedures during implementation. Implementation results, intellectual property rights and product copyrights are handed over to the project organization and project leader. With the orientation and strategic strategy of key investment in the field of technology - industry, the goal of Vingroup Group will become a world-class technology-industry-service corporation, in which technology accounting for the main proportion. Through the Vingroup Innovation Fund (VINIF), the Vingroup Group wishes to support Vietnamese scientists to create international-level research projects and technological solutions that bring practical benefits to the land. country.  Through these sources of support, they hope to build a team of young, dynamic intellectuals, and create maximum conditions for scientists to develop their research and innovation capabilities, thereby contributing to change. environmental change and research behavior in Vietnam. At the same time, they are also promoting the construction of ecosystems to foster researchers, research institutes,
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