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Visterra is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on applying its novel Hierotope platform to identify unique disease targets and to design and engineer precision antibody-based biological medicines against such targets that are not adequately addressed with conventional approaches. Business Focus  They believe that the platform enables us to address the significant unmet need for effective therapies to prevent and treat infectious diseases caused by organisms that have a high degree of diversity among strains, frequent mutations, and a high prevalence of treatment resistance. The platform also enables us to design and engineer antibody-based biological product candidates that selectively modify the activity of endogenous targets that have limited surface area, are hard to access, have dynamic structures, and/or are similar to other proteins in the body that should be avoided. They believe the platform will enable the advancement of one product candidate each year to be ready for submission of an investigational new drug application. The initial focus is on the prevention and treatment of acute infectious diseases with limited or suboptimal treatment options. The antibody-based biological product candidates have the potential to provide broad coverage across viral strains, including mutated strains and strains that have recently emerged. They believe that the acute infectious disease product candidates could be effective, as a single-dose administration, even when administered several days after onset of illness, and will be refractory to the emergence of resistance. They further believe that the infectious disease product candidates will have favorable safety profiles because they are directed against targets that are not normally found in human cells. Further, they expect that similar to most other development programs of product candidates targeting acute infectious diseases, the acute infectious disease development program will benefit from the availability of highly predictive animal models and reliable point-of-care and rapid diagnostics, and will include short-duration clinical trials with rapid efficacy read-out and a smaller number of required patients, compared to clinical development programs for chronic conditions. In the case of non-infectious diseases, they believe the Hierotope platform enables the engineering of antibodies directed against specific targets, or epitopes, on endogenous targets that are difficult to address by traditional techniques. 
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