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VJW Consulting Ltd. – which operates under the brand name of VJW International – is a specialised consultancy company in the field of Foreign Policy and Development Cooperation. Established in 2013, it builds on the expertise and knowledge of its team and network of specialised consultants. VJW International provides technical assistance and consultancy services to public and private clients in the fields of foreign policy and development cooperation. VJW International’s corporate vision and specific identity is to focus on achieving and delivering excellence in its area of expertise. The quality of the technical expertise provided is guaranteed through working with a close network of in-house and external experts renowned for the excellent quality of their services. VJW builds on the team’s in-house long-standing technical expertise in the field of International Development. The founder, a former EU and UNDP staff, is supported by a focused network of highly qualified experts which form the very essence and identity of the company. Most experts have experience working with the EU, either as former staff or as consultants or beneficiaries. VJW International provides specialised technical assistance, inter alia, in the fields of: -Strategy & Policy Advice; -Aid Effectiveness; -Economic Development & Trade; -Evaluation; -Inequality. STRATEGY & POLICY ADVICE: VJW International provides technical assistance to public bodies and international organisations to design effective, inclusive and sustainable policies, strategies and regulations. To that aim, they conduct rigorous research and evidenced-based analysis in order to provide studies, assessments and recommendations. In addition, they provide capacity building and training to increase coordination at the strategy and implementation levels. Background note on the post 2020 debate and its implications for OCTs: VJW International was contracted to provide its in informing the political leaders of the OCTs on aspects of the post‐2020 framework that will impact the EU‐OCT partnership; identifying what these aspects are and how OCTs, Member States and the Commission can work together to have these integrated into the overall post‐2020 debate ; identifying specific time‐points during the consultative process that can provide OCTs with opportunities to influence the post 2020 debate ; and discussing the future of the EDF and future innovative modalities of funding for the OCT‐EU partnership. The renewal of the ACP-EU partnership agreement: Issues for the EU in consultation phase 1. This project supported DEVCO and EEAS in addressing specific issues in preparation of the negotiations on a revised Cotonou Agreement, due to expire in 2020. The project aimed to recruit expertise to plan, prepare, conduct, evaluate and document expert Round Tables around a set of six thematic clusters. Technical Assistance for Joint Programming in Ghana. Formulation of a Joint European Strategy for development cooperation in support of Ghana’s national development plan. The project is implemented by AETS in partnership with VJW International. Technical Assistance for Joint Programming in Ethiopia. Formulation of a Joint European Strategy in support of Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Programme II.  The project is implemented by AECOM. AID EFFECTIVENESS: VJW International provides technical assistance aimed at enhancing aid effectiveness and improving donor coordination and efficiency including through Joint Programming of development cooperation aid between development partners. They  also promote development ownership and aid effectiveness through providing support in elaborating national development plans, joint analysis and strategies, or visibility strategies. Support for implementation of Development Effectiveness Commitments. The services provided by VJW International consist in the preparation of a study on the EU progress made on Development Effectiveness Commitments as well as the provision of technical assistance in the preparation of the GPEDC HLM2. The study provides comprehensive evidence on progress made by EU Member States and EU institutions in implementing their commitments made at and since the Busan High Level Forum drawing on a vast range of quantitative and qualitative data and evidence identified across the Busan commitments. A comprehensive consultation process was carried out with EU Member States, EU Officials and Civil Society Organisations. EU-Ethiopia Cooperation: EU + JP exercise II. The technical assistance focuses on facilitating the implementation of the 2nd phase of the JP process in Ethiopia. The specific objectives are to analyse GTP II and the country situation as a basis for drafting a joint cooperation strategy paper between EU+ and Ethiopia; to map EU+ cooperation with Ethiopia based on major sectors of cooperation for the period 2013 to 2015 as well as 2016- 2020; to draft EU+ joint cooperation strategy with Ethiopia including sector prioritisation, indicative allocations and Common Result Framework (CRF) for the period 2016-2020 with a focus on gender; to design an M&E framework for joint monitoring of progress and evaluation of impact; to draft a roadmap and action plan to implement the JCS. The project is implemented by AECOM. EU-Ghana cooperation: EU joint programming phase II. The main objective of this technical assistance is to facilitate the work of the EU Development partners (DPs) involved in Joint Programming in Ghana in preparing Phase II 2017-2020 through the formulation of a joint Strategy including a joint analysis, joint results framework, Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy and a Joint visibility strategy. The project is implemented by AECOM. Technical Assistance for in-country Aid Effectiveness Support – Joint Programming of Development Cooperation aid. This project aimed to support the joint programming of the EU and EU Member States’ Country Programmable Aid in a variety of countries. The work includes the elaboration of a joint analysis and a joint response with local governments and development partners, in order to reduce aid fragmentation and come up with a better division of labour, with a view to establishing a single EU programming document per partner country. Project implemented by HTSPE (now DAI) in its first phase, and by EPRD in its second phase. Study on the EU implementation of commitments made at the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. This study provided analytical evidence on progress made by EU Member States and EU institutions in implementing the Busan commitments. The research and analysis draws on a vast range of quantitative and qualitative data and evidence identified across the Busan commitments. Project implemented by HTSPE (now DAI) and HCL. Formulation and Development of an Aid Effectiveness Group Strategic Plan in Kenya. This ongoing project aims to promote aid and development effectiveness in Kenya, notably through the elaboration of the Aid Effectiveness Group (AEG) Strategic Plan and implementation of SMART indicators and a visibility strategy.

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