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Vlatacom Institute

VLATACOM is a professional partner for Government security in the following technical fields: ​ Secure information and communication technology Critical asset protection and Border control  Applied mathematics and electronics with cryptography features Multi sensor-integration Biometrics Image and radio waves intelligent signal processing (with implementation in identity management and surveillance devices and targeted systems)   VLATACOM is the leading Serbian manufacturer and system integrator in these fields recognized world-wide.   First certified as a Research and Development Center by Serbia’s Ministry of Science in 2011, VLATACOM has become in 2015 the first private Research and Development Institute in the field of ICT in Serbia. By the work of its own hardware and software development, research, and system integration teams, we have a huge advantage in capability of tailoring solutions to fit the requirements and budget of every customer. Approximately 25% of the gross income VLATACOM Institute invests every year in its own R&D activities, alongside with constant investing in education and improvement of its human capital.    More than 150 of our highly educated employees and experts, including 4 university professors and 15 PhDs, ensure top quality services and complete satisfaction of our clients by developing innovative and highly secure solutions for every customer. VLATACOM Institute works closely together with national and international security and defense authorities and develops products specially based on the application requirements of our customers. Professional consulting and analytics, product demonstrations and tests are part of our services as well as technical support and training.    In a business based on trust and confidentiality, VLATACOM Institute offers fast response, complete knowledge transfer with reliable supply and system maintenance world-wide.   The product line includes: e-ID solutions and systems  Biometric identification systems with many varieties of biometric document scanners  Traffic control and management  Safe city solutions and systems  ANPR solutions and systems  Multi-sensor imaging systems  Over-the-Horizon Radar ICT security  Specialized devices with integrated high-level cryptography features and other special purpose products and systems
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Company Offices

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  • Belgrade
  • 5 Milutina Milankovica Blvd. 11070, Belgrade, Serbia