• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Independent/None
  • Founded1783
Established in 1783, ED&F Man is an employee-owned agricultural commodities merchant with 7,000 people in 60 countries. They trade sugar, coffee, molasses, animal feed, grains and pulses. They help their counterparties manage price risk through hedging and provide access to commodity and capital markets through their financial brokerage business. Corporate Responsibility is ingrained in their culture. They are passionate about sustainable production, take care to limit the environmental impact of their operations and actively support the communities in which they work. Their five core values define who they are and guide their  behaviour: Respect, Integrity, Meritocracy, Client Focus, Entrepreneurship. They source, store, ship and distribute agricultural products including coffee, sugar, molasses, pulses and grains. They trade those products around the world, and with some, they process and brand them for industrial customers and the supermarket shelves.  They help many of their customers manage pricing risk through financial products. For others they act as a broker, executing orders for hedge funds and professional traders. And they do their own clearing through exchanges, such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the London Metals Exchange.   There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world – situations change; crops fail – but they’re known for making sure their customers can still do business. It’s a stance they’ve held to be true since 1783. For us, it’s about managing risk and providing security. For example, they help their farmers grow better-quality crops, more sustainably, by teaching them agricultural techniques that will keep their land productive for future generations.  That way they can help their growers achieve a better, more sustainable standard of living. And they help protect their customers from that price-change volatility with tools such as hedging and futures.  They do business across the world, but they’re small enough that business feels personal.  As group of companies, they use their diverse strengths to help their  customers succeed – not just the people who buy from us; they think of their colleagues and suppliers as customers too.


Staff at Volcafe have experience in


  • monitoring / evaluation
  • financial services
  • farming / crops
  • development
  • agricultural financing


  • colombia
  • united kingdom
  • united states
  • el salvador
  • switzerland


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • experience in recruitment
  • international experience

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