VSi Afrique (VSi Africa)

VSi Africa is a company under Congolese law and a subsidiary of VSi Planning.  In 2004 ; the company starts its activities under the name VSIP DRC, in 2006 its official name becomes VSI Africa.  Its areas of activity are civil engineering and building, urban and rural drinking water supply, sanitation and water purification, roads, roads and roads, environmental studies, assistance to development, topography and drawing. The company has grown and diversified to cover the environmental sectors. For each of its projects, VSi Africa mobilizes teams of multidisciplinary, competent and dynamic local and international experts in order to guarantee its clients and national and international financial backers with quality technical services and implementation.  VSi Afrique, an engineering consultancy and topography office, is based in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi and is active throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In addition, VSi Africa is accredited by the Ministry of the Environment for the realization of Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA) and by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Works and Reconstruction as Bureau of Studies and Consulting Engineer . Their main areas of activity 1) Civil Engineering and Buildings • Stability studies  • Reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, metal constructions, various foundations  • Structures  • Bridges, reservoirs and water towers, dams and reservoirs  • Hydraulic structures  • Buildings and industrial constructions  • Rehabilitation of various structures 2) Urban and rural drinking water supply • Prospecting, catchment and boreholes  • Water treatment plants  • Pumping and discharge pipes  • Distribution and storage  • Maintenance and upkeep  • Operation and management of the network 3) Sanitation and water purification • Wastewater and rainwater networks  • Pumping and treatment of wastewater and rainwater  • Rectification and containment of watercourses  • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants 4) Roads, roads and roads • Roads and urban roads and highways  • Earth roads  • Channels and drainage collectors 5) Environment • Environmental and social impact studies  • Erosion control 6) Development assistance • Humanitarian aid  • Commodity assistance  • Monitoring 7) Topography and drawings • High-voltage lines  • Roads and roads  • Drinking water supply  • Sanitation  • Erosions
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Company Offices

  • Congo, The Democratic Republic of (headquarters)
  • Kinshasa
  • 42, avenue de la Gombe
  • Belgium
  • Ghent
  • VSI Planning, Rabotstraat 50