VTEC Trailers

In a country of so much beauty and potential, Vtec Trailers has identified the need for utility / commercial trailers and farming trailers that are not only well–built, but also durable enough for the rugged terrain our vehicles endure daily. Established in 2001, it has grown into a International entity with the factory based in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa, headed by CEO Tobie Venter. It currently boasts a range of more than 60 models of trailers from flat deck trailers, heavy duty multi-purpose trailers and standard duty multi-purpose trailers, golf car trailers, car trailers, quad trailers to 3.5 ton cattle trailers (Farming Trailers), strong enough to handle any load. The company also offer selected custom built models such as chassis trailers and advertising trailers to specification. Our customer base range from local individuals to corporate entities both locally and abroad, with multi-purpose trailers, flat deck trailers, car trailers, quad trailers, golf car trailers,  chassis trailers and cattle trailers (farming trailers) seen on the roads from the Cape to Cairo, Baia dos Tigros to Maputo. It serves as proof of our durability in the harshest African terrain, battered but still going strong. Vtec Trailers believe in South Africa’s ability to grow into a strong nation, and therefore are committed to job creation and staff welfare. Instead of becoming more and more machine-orientated and pursuing production of trailers on a mass scale, we focus on trailers built by hand, to ensure extra strength and individual attention. It is the pride of each staff member to see a Vtec Trailer ready to be towed by another satisfied client. Considering the strong competition among trailer manufacturers in South Africa, Vtec Trailers has focused its attention to the utility and farming trailer market, trailers that work on a daily basis. It has established trailer sales agents across the northern part of the country, with tailor-made business plans for potential agents. When you are the fortunate owner of one of these masterpieces, you can rest assured that individually crafted, these trailers resemble this magnificent country – rugged, but tough enough to handle anything life throws at it.
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  • 19A Michelin Street, Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng